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Who she is:

Meet Leela, the founder and creator of Lekrishnan Jewelry. She is a dynamic

young entrepreneur dedicated to her craft. In 2020, she started her side hustle and began

designing and creating her beautiful jewelry collection. 

What she creates:

Leela creates each piece with special care and mindfulness. Her specialty is working with polymer-clay

and her delightful designs captured my attention. She also uses traditional Ghanaian and Indian names

to reflect her heritage. Leela is committed to producing authentic, ethically-handmade pieces using

nothing but high-grade materials that you will love and cherish for years to come. 

Why it matters:

If this past year has taught us anything it's that shopping local and supporting our Canadian small businesses

is essential. We are committed to working with local artisans and providing our customers with Canadian-Made

fashion they will truly love and feel proud and beautiful while wearing. This special collaboration is truly inspired

by Mother Earth and our most basic connection from the soil of which we all exist. We hope you fall in love with 

the soft earthy tones. clean lines and minimalist design. 


This is what Local Love  looks like

Femme Faire is proud to partner with @lekrishnan and know you will love this Collection 


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