The Zapotec 

Who they are:

The Zapotecs are an indigenous people of Mexico. Today, Oaxaca state has the largest

percentage of indigenous Indians in the Western Hemisphere. They speak 52 dialects

of eight distinct languages. There is an undeniable richness to the Oaxacan way of life. 

The various indigenous civilizations in Oaxaca, fused with Spanish and other European

influences, has created a vibrant mestizo culture that places great emphasis on the arts.

The richness and quality of local hand-made crafts attract many visitors to the city.

The various products, such as leatherwork, tin ware, pottery, textiles, tapestries and jewelry,

all reflect the history and traditions of Oaxacan people.


What they do better than anyone in the world:

The Zapotex artisans are known for their dyeing, designing, weaving, sewing and leatherwork. 

The artisans are also the designers of the beautiful patterns found on all of the bags. Many

are the traditional Zapotec designs while others are modern interpretations of their tribal

patterns or even abstract expressions. All of the MZ Fair Trade products are handmade according

to time-honored traditions by Zapotec weavers in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Each of these bags holds an element of discovery. From the significance of the Zapotec designs,

to the bold colour combinations, and most importantly, the distinct story of the artisan who wove it.

Why it matters:

Like us, MZ Fair Trade strives to make a positive impact on the lives and communities of the artisans,

by nurturing lasting relationships and always abiding by fair trade principles. Their designers work

closely with the weavers to incorporate traditional handwoven tribal designs with modern styles,

the results of which are beautiful, expertly crafted and unique bags. We are so proud to collaborate

with MZ Fair Trade Textiles to bring you these special products.


 Femme Faire supports the women from Oaxaca, through fair trade practices

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