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Locally Made

I am so thrilled to announce Femme Faire’s latest project with you. We’ve partnered with some

incredible Newcomer Women to bring you our line of ethically and locally made accessories you will adore! 

What we've created:

Handmade headbands, totes and scrunchies! That's right, the latest fashion trends that are totally

approved by fashionistas everywhere. We've taken these iconic accessories and modernized them

with elegant and subtle details and chosen colours and textures that inspire and uplift. And by using a

mix of new, re-purposed and vintage fabrics, we’ve stayed true to our values of sustainability fashion.

Each piece is a labour of love in the truest sense. This collection represents new beginnings, living in

dignity & pride. We hope you will feel connected to our beautiful locally made products and what

they represent. 

Meet the makers:

As many of you know, I've spent years working with newcomer families and am so honoured to now

be leading this exciting effort to support and empower these women. Meet The Team: Rima, Roula,

Marian & Ghada.  A group of strong women and proud mothers. They are thrilled to be in Canada

and looking forward to a happy life filled with hope and possibilities. These women, along with being 

amazing mothers are absolutely skilled makers and we are so lucky to have them apart of the Femme

Faire team. 

Why your support matters:

Canada has long welcomed newcomers, especially women and children who escape abuse, inequality, war,

and poverty to bravely begin a new life in this country. When transitioning into their new lives, finding

employment can be challenging due to language barriers, lack of skills and experience, limited resources

and overall culture shock. Femme Faire is proud to offer meaningful work to refugee women to create

beautiful one of a kind handmade products while empowering our new sisters.

By supporting Femme Faire, you are supporting a life of hope and dignity for these 

women along with supporting #fairfashion & #slowfashion   





Femme Faire supports refugee women from all over the world who come to Canada 

for a better life for themselves and their children

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